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Girls are very concerned about there clothes and dressing sense.

Get the fantastic collection of girls to wear here from us. Venwear is a clothing store producing all-new designs for ladies. review analysis that The United States is the country which is buying lots of collection from and giving productive views to us.

What is is e-store vend trendy designs of girl’s wear. They supply printed leggings, graphic T-shirts, hoodies, jeans, etc.

We provide all amplitude of stuff, which also includes the swim costumes and jeans. Earlier, the production of garments is done in different countries like China, India, etc. By understanding the worldwide need of users. We also bring the season to season sale which creates the interest and save money. All age grouped girls are fashion seekers, so we have a collection that covers all the age groups from toodles to babies and then to ladies. We have to fulfill all requirements of ladies as they are the most important part of our world.

Specifications of

  • Website –
  • Phone – (215)392-0160
  • Address – 118 William Penn Dr, Eagleville, PA 19403 United States
  • Email –
  • Shipping fee – $4.50
  • Shipping time – 1-2 days
  • Return – within the period of 30 days with original tags
  • Exchange – Free and easy to process
  • Payment method – online (credit/ debit ) or PayPal

Is legit?

Many times while getting the product from the different site, what we get is the useless thing like a plastic bag or plastic flowers. This scam causes the problem of trust issues during online shopping. Whereas is legit as the website shares all the critical data of contact on their site. We completly understand the value of money and its protection. In review, you have all the crucial data which could assist you in getting your self scam-free. 

During online payment, no secret information is taken from you. The trust which a person keeps on us is extraordinary for us, and we value it a lot. We want to suggest that you never share the basic details of your card. Doing such things could lead to a scam. But at, you need not worry about the scam or anything.

Being a safe and secure site, we also provide a size chart at our website, which could help you to select the appropriate size for in case of any confusion.

Pros of

  • Free exchange of a product is applicable in case of size, color or material issue
  • It is easy to return if you are not comfortable with the product
  • The size chart helps to select the perfect size 
  • All age grouped girly stuff is available
  • Delivers worldwide

Cons of

  • Refund is only done after checking the original tags
  • payment is possible by online mode

Is worth money?

Yes, it worth money as mentioned; we care for your money and its protection. So all the stuff production is done with amazing quality, and a fair amount is charged from you.

What customers have to say about it?

The modest price of our product gained the fantastic view all over. The stuff used in production, including the material of cloth and sewing material, is remarkable. We got tones of positive reviews from the customers who have used; negative reviews are also the major part of an organization, so we cannot ignore them. The advice which we get from the negative viewpoint helps us to grow more. But the love and regards which are coming from our customers will make you feel that is legit and not involved in any scam.   

Final Verdict review has given you the plain and simple summary of the website. It contains all the necessary basic data of, which could help you in any problem that occurs to our customers. The feedback also shows the efforts made by us to bring happiness in your life. Girls are born with amazing fashion sense, so here we make them feel special with your support.

The choice is always yours as what perfect thing you will have for you. The scam or the legit site who’ motive can be simple to make you smile.

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  1. I see at the top of the the page that it reads and then shortly after that, continues to print as Venwear, different spelling? Are they two different companies. I am looking to buy my niece an inflatable waterpark and the price almost seems too good to be true, which it seems often that is the case. Please provide me some feedback on your company and I will make a decision at that time. Thank you!

    1. Scam!!!!

      Purchased a bicycle through them Tue. Fri I got a tracking # from UPS when I looked it up it said it was delivered 2 days ago & the package was only 1.9lbs. I called UPS they said it was delivered to a different address than mine & different name. I’ve contacted Paypal. Hopefully I can get my funds back.

      1. I had a similar experience with a different seller. Product never showed up. Contacted Paypal and they got a UPS number from seller and denied my case. The tracking number was legit just had nothing to do with my order. Long story short, got someone at local UPS terminal to email me a screen print of the tracking number info. This showed everything from inception to delivery. Sent copy to Paypal and they finally agreed I (and them) had been scammed. Took a while back and forth with Paypal but in the end everything worked out. UPS said they we seeing this problem quite a bit.

        1. same exact thing is currently happening with me so i’m going to ups tomorrow to see if it’s at the pots office. i ordered a 100 dollar electric scooter because someone stole my first one and someone named alexander A thornton ended up sending me a tracking code that was legit but it was for something completely different then what i ordered so idk what’s gonna happen

      2. also same thing with me the package said it was delivered three days before i even ordered it which obv is impossible but i’m still awaiting money on if my dad is gonna get his money back

    2. Yeah Fake! Did the PayPal payment go to Ming Chen? is also fake! States store is in Washington State. The address is a house and the number is not in service. This site seems the same type of fake web store! They can’t even get their own name correct, Vemwear then Venwear then Venmore back ti Venwear. These Chinese Aholes are ripping us off! It’s disgusting and I hope they ALL get caught! Be careful! They save your payment Info!

  2. Absolutely a scam. I make an order for a kitchenaid with a very great price. No order confirmation and the money was accredited on a chinese account. No answer from customer service. The number doesn’t exist. I lost my money.

    1. I’m sorry that happened to you. I figured they had to be a scam when I saw they had Xbox One X consoles for sale for only $95. I couldn’t see how that was possible when they normally sell for almost $400. At least.

  3. Hi, I placed an order for a 54-inch lifetime acrylic portable basketball hoop on April 27th 2020 and I have not heard when it will be delivered could someone please get back to me about delivery date. thank you

      1. I was just about to order my son a bike! Glad I found this site to see it is a SCAM! No wonder the bike was half the price as Walmart and the shipping was so cheap. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is!

  4. I ordered a freezer no date when it will be delivered I hope this is not a scam I work to hard for my money and now covid 19 I haven’t worked because nail salons are closed I’m praying I get my merchandise God bless

  5. Could someone explain–did the State shutdown affect this site??? and their response–the negative comments seem to have come from this time period. –Is there someone out there who could explain???

    I too made an order–and would appreciate confirmation. If I do not get my product within about 30 days–I will contact PayPal and my credit card company to see what they can do.

  6. Ordered a bicycle on 4/26/20. The charge hit my credit card and a confirmation email was sent. No shipping info or tracking number has been received. Email to xiangkun li not returned. Calling Pay Pal tomorrow to dispute the charge.

  7. Last night, I was looking for golf push cart. I found golf push cart sale on I order it. This morning, I checked my email from vermwear. I feel something wrong and maybe a scam. Do you know I want my money back. I will call PayPal and also call my bank to find who? Please let me know about shipping. Thanks!

    1. I ordered from them and never got an email for order confirmation or anything. Though of course I got a payment confirmation email (merchant named “Jacqueline Nembhard”) from PayPal. I emailed the contact address for the vemwear website and never heard anything back. Definitely a scam. I wish I had checked before I submitted my order…

  8. Fake site, do not buy from!

    You will be ripped off.


  9. I also ordered a freezer from this site & besides having my money taken for it I never got a confirmation email or anything! I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to start an investigation through PP but I was trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. The only reason I ordered from this site was because it said it was in PA & the name on it was Thomas Smith but when they took it from my PP acct it was in chinese so I’m a bit confused.

  10. Vemwear appears to have ripped me off for $94.99 after a placed an order with them for a freezer . This sight is located somewhere abroad but makes it appears that they are in the US . Phone number listed for customer service are not in use . They are a disgrace and a complete scam to take advantage of people during these very difficult times

  11. Thanks for commenting and leaving feedback I was about to place an order yesterday for the $94.99 deep freezer I had doubts about it and didn’t place the order Thank God I Didn’t Order It

  12. How is it that this site vemwear can continue to advertise and scam people out of their money? When you do a Google search this company comes up all over the place for all kinds of different items and it shows at the end that you are being sure by paying through PayPal even on top of that? Why is this company not being shut down? I don’t get it? These people should be held accountable and we should get our money back we all work hard for our money and in this time where everyone is trying to make every penny count these people should be ashamed of themselves

    1. I also bought a freezer for $99.49 on April 27th. After the purchase was made, I noticed it was sent to an Asian person and not Vemwear. I contacted both my bank and PayPal about the transaction. Hopefully one of them can reverse this transaction.

  13. By reading the comments on here i would say this is a scam but don’t give up too much hope. I would however give your items time to arrive as this place is in China. I encountered this same crap on Ebay, some of the items did arrive but it took 3 1/2 weeks. The theme seems to be $94.99 for a freezer, a bike etc. Contact PayPal and let them know, this is bullshit taking advantage of people out of work due to a Chinese virus. God bless and i pray you get your $$ back

  14. I also order a ice machine for $94.99 and got ripped off it fake don’t order !!!!!

  15. I ordered a bike for $81 but didn’t get a day when it will be delivered or or receive date.

  16. We ordered from this site and the receipt did not look right with all of the Chinese writing. I began to research the site and found everyone stating it is a scam site. No responses to my email to cancel the order. My bank will not stop payment on this charge. I did open a dispute with paypal. I hope we can get our money back. How can paypal continue to do business with this site with all of the disputes?!!

  17. Funny that I see that amount $94.99 appear on several reviews. I bought a trampoline for $94.99 plus $4.50 shipping. I paid via PayPal. I haven’t received any email confirmation or anything from the website. I will be requesting a refund via PayPal.

  18. We all got ripped off, myself included. I’m reporting them but that’s about all I can do. As for the counter top dishwasher, I’m screwed out of 94.99 bucks.

  19. They just got me for 70.49 for portable washer. Can’t believe I didn’t see it coming….

  20. It’s a fake website!! I also purchased a deep freezer for $99. Said package was delivered to some other address…untrue… luckily I went through PayPal and was refunded my money. Hopefully, the government will shut the website down.

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