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This news is complete inside towards killing more than 1 million army people and Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army. Read below to check all essential facts. 

Do you know why the Russians are trying to negotiate the crease fire with Ukraine? Are you aware of the secure evacuation route performed by the civilians to flee to other countries? If yes, you are at the right page! Read below for more information.

People from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States are concerned with the news that speaks about the death of Russia’s General killed in Kharkiv. Changing conditions of constitution Ukraine and Russia have independent states. The recent news from March 7 the complex battle consequences for general Gerasimov, killed in the battle.

Our experts offer specific details about the Chechen war and Russian operations for Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army.

About Russian war

The Russian war against Ukraine was started again on February 24, 2022. After invading Ukraine with different techniques and a strong military, Russia tried to settle up for more devastating attacks. Ukraine’s defense ministry in the Chechen war led to the death of a particular Russian office, as per the latest update.

After bombarding the city, the top s Russian general and army major Vitaly Gerasimov was reported dead near Kharkiv. Along with this scenario, many other Russian Army officers and crew work killed and defeated for protecting the Ukraine identity.

Read below for more information on the reason and specific actions for Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army death

Threats And Issues Faced By Ukraine

  • Ukraine is not powerful enough for the military is getting a communication problem from Russia’s Army.
  • Ukraine having an unsecured phone call network, is being chased by the Russian officers for the next attack.
  • After the report of Ukraine killing the Russian officers, the Russian forces are launched with the high-ranking military.
  • With numerous attacks on the border for covering the Sadar in Ukraine, many civilian buildings are being attacked.
  • Threatening kindergarten schools and maternity hospitals by Russia is a continuous strike.
  • With no military facilities in Central Ukraine, Russia attacks at night and disturbs the heating supplies.
  • For Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army death, water facilities in the buildings are destroyed.

Directions For Russia Advancing In Ukraine

  • With infinity opportunities, Russia is trying to invade Ukraine in every aspect.
  • Covering up Sumy, the military is trying to move the presence in Kyiv.
  • From complete control on Kharkiv, the military strength to move towards Luhansk.
  • On the outskirts of Luhansk, the military presence is moving above 1000 miles.
  • From Mariupol, Russia is trying to cross Donetsk.
  • Statement from Melitopol, the military strength to make a presence in Dnipro step by step and walking through The Dnieper River.

How Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army Killed

As stated by the research and reports, the general was involved in the east in Ukraine City war with the battle led to the defeat of the defense chief and other Russian officers. Serving the Russian federation, he had crossed the service of 27 years.


Concluding this news, our experts state the latest defeat of Russian generals and other military men with a recent argument with Ukraine. Controlling the State with Europe on the different military systems used by the Russian to overcome Ukraine!

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Have you heard about the FSB intercepted calls to look into second top Vitaly Gerasimov Russian Army death?

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