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Vivisboho Reviews [June] A Legit Site or a Fake Scam?

Vivisboho Reviews 2020

Vivisboho Reviews [June] A Legit Site or a Fake Scam? >> In this article, we review Vivisboho, an online fashion store for women.

Looking for latest clothing products? Keep reading, we have something for you. It’s become quite common for everyone to follow fashion trends. No one wants to stay outdated. It sometimes becomes a problem because fashion trends are always changing, and most of the time, it’s not cheap to follow them and keep yourself in the trend. We have seen that it tends to happen more often for women than men. So, how can you follow all the latest trends and still be able to save some money? There’s a solution. Online stores know the struggles ordinary people face. It’s why major stores have all the latest clothing and related items at affordable prices. One of those stores is Vivisboho. We have collected the information from several Vivisboho Reviews that they have an extensive collection of all types of clothing equipment and accessories for women at cheap and compelling prices. 

Let’s take a more in-depth look at all the details of this online store.

What is Vivisboho?

As we mentioned earlier, Vivisboho is an online clothing store for women. Vivisboho works with several leading and creative designers and manufacturer designs and clothing equipment bearing all the latest fashion trends in mind. Jumpsuits, Tops, Vintage Skirts, Dresses, Sandals, and Slippers are all part of their product range. 

For its products and their availability at attractive pricing, Vivisboho has become considerably successful, especially in the United States. They owe most of their success to their designers, as their craftsmanship has earned them quite a reputation.

Vivisboho Specifications:

  • Web Address:
  • Shipping: 3-5 business days
  • Delivery: 10-25 business days (faster, paid options also available)
  • Email:
  • Contact No: unavailable
  • Address: unavailable
  • Return: 14-day return policy (on all items except swimwear)
  • Exchange: available on all items.
  • Refund Period: refund duration unclear
  • Payment Method: Credit Card & PayPal

Vivisboho: Is It Legit?

We’d love to provide a concrete answer to that. But first, let’s look at some facts. Vivisboho has a lot of things going against them. At the top of all these things sits the absence of information like contact number and address from their site. It gets in the way of establishing trust with users or any new customer visiting their website for the first time. 

Their lack of popularity and several adverse Vivisboho Reviews also makes it difficult for us to confirm their legitimacy. They’re also a new website and haven’t been around long enough to have thousands of customers. If you’re willing to turn a blind eye to all of these facts, Vivisboho could be legit.

Pros Of Purchasing From Vivisboho:

  • Vivisboho’s products are always connected with the latest fashion trends.
  • Vivisboho products are affordable.
  • The products offered by Vivisboho come with a 14-day return policy (except for swimwear).
  •  Vivisboho offers free delivery in the US.

Cons Of Purchasing From Vivisboho: 

  • Vivisboho doesn’t have information like address and contact on their site.
  • There is a possibility of Vivisboho being a scam.
  • Vivisboho’s free delivery is slow and faster methods of delivery are costly.
  • To customers outside of the United States, Vivisboho might appear expensive.

Vivisboho: User and Customer Reviews

There are no Vivisboho Reviews present on the website. It’s because there are no options for users to post reviews on Vivisboho. It proved to be a hindrance to us as it took extensive research and a considerable amount of time to find reviews on other sites. All of this effort showed great results as we were able to collect a sufficient amount of reviews.

The Vivisboho Reviews we read were not many but still enough to serve our purpose. Vivisboho received both compliments and complaints. A lot of female customers in the United States were content with the product’s quality. On the other hand, one user complained that it took one month for his ordered product to arrive. Several were also disappointed with the quality of the products and claimed it was not what they expected. Although we did not find any reports of fraud, still Vivisboho could be a scam. 

Final Verdict

Vivisboho has received popularity due to its products and cheap pricing. Vivisboho also offers free delivery in the US. They also have all significant policies like return and refund. All products can be returned and exchanged, except swimwear for hygienic purposes. Vivisboho Reviews are also polarised. Vivisboho’s authenticity is still in question, making it risky to buy from here. 

Our readers, it is entirely up to you if you want to purchase from Vivisboho or not. But it’s our opinion that buying from Vivisboho is incredibly risky.


  1. I just ordered from them….$270.00 later…..ugh on further investigating I think I was scammed. If I was , lesson learned and I will report to the bank to put red flag on any purchases people make from them.

  2. I purchased three dresses from the site and I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in the quality. They were not worth the money I paid and I will never purchase from them again. All buyers should beware. The quality of the garments is extremely low. The pictures on the site do not accurately reflect the actual garments.
    Vancouver, Canada
    Purchased March 2020


  4. I also ordered over one month ago with no response to my emails. I paid with PayPal and am out $100. Lesson learned.

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