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VP Debate Reviews {Oct} Check Out The News Now!

VP Debate Reviews {Oct} Check Out The News Now! -> Here, we talked about a debate that was held to make your decision to choose the president in the upcoming election.

Here, with the help of this article, we are talking about the VP Debate Reviews that has happened recently between Pence and Kamala Harris. If you want to know more about the news, then we advise you to read this article.

The news article is getting a lot of popularity in the United States and Canada.

What is the VP debate?

VP debate is a debate that happened between Pence and Kamala Harris in recent times. They both had met for the first time, and it was about the campaign 2020 that was happening in Salt City Lake, Utah. Their topic of discussion was the coronavirus, the economy, the Supreme Court, and many more. We found that both parties avoided answering their questions that were asked from them.

Will the VP debate affect the voter’s decision while choosing their president?

No, according to the VP Debate Reviews, the VP debate will not affect the voter’s decision, but after the discussion. It was clearly shown that there was a drastic difference between the opinion of both the parties as they have different views regarding the common agendas like the economy, healthcare and many more.

What was the first topic of the discussion in the VP Debate?

As per the VP Debate Reviews, the first topic of the VP debate was coronavirus. All the spectators were asked not to remove their masks. All the candidates were asked to sit on the desk. They were separated from glass that was made of plexiglass.

Harris accused the president that he covered up the information of the coronavirus, knowing it very well that it could become very hazardous in the coming months. In contrast, Pence tried to put forth his point and said that Trump took this disease seriously and has put restrictions on travelling between China and the United States and Canada. According to Pence, he took this threat very seriously.

How both the candidates reacted to the question posed by Kamala Harris?

While watching the debate, it was clearly seen that both the candidates had sidestepped many questions altogether due to which Harris started switching the topics and did not prefer to ask to follow up questions. As a result, there were many questions that were left unanswered that could have helped educated minds to make up their mind.

Final Verdict

Here we are talking about the VP Debate Reviews that happened recently between Kamala Harris and Pence. However, the news did not receive much buzz or received any knockout lines. However, they have given a lot of attention to the ventilation system, health precautions, and tests gone through by the attendees of the debate.

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