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Washingoal com Reviews {Jan 2021} Is This Legit Or Not?

Washingoal com Reviews 2020

Washingoal com Reviews {Dec 2020} Is This Legit Or Not? >> Are you looking for products, could help you maintain the hygiene, have a quick look over here.

Are you looking for one site that will let you live a life full of comfort and joy? Well, washingoals of the United States will do the magic; here you will get almost every necessary product that will increase your comfort zone. 

Our unbiased take on Washingoal com Reviews is all about all essential information that will indicate the portal’s authentication. It will allow you to make an informed decision as the site bestows some breath-taking offers that could distract you from reality. 

What is Washingoal com?

Washingoal com is an online portal based in the United States and is designed with a unique user-friendly interface that could help customer till satisfaction. The portal is a blend of individual products mostly related to hygiene purposes; currently, it is also selling much Christmas-related stuff. In this Washingoal com Reviews, we will discuss the website’s authenticity more because now it is having a huge Christmas sale that could be a distraction from the possible scam site. 

Apart from that, we will also get to know, about every essential detail of this website so that you could make a perfect shopping decision!! 

Specifications of Washingoal com 

  • Website Type- Shopping Portal
  • Domain Registration- 15-09-20
  • Website URL
  • Company Address – 1901, meadowview drive, east windsor-06088, connecticut, US
  • Contact Number- Not Available 
  • Email Address- 
  • Tracking Order- Available 
  • Shipping- 2 days
  • Delivery- 1-12 business days.
  • Payment- PayPal and credit cards
  • Return and Refund- Available*

Pros of Washingoal com Reviews

  • In search of real reviews, we that the site is extremely user-friendly and provides many policies and facilities that could help the customer have a smooth shopping time. 
  • The refund policy and payment structure of the site seem to be trustworthy. 
  • We could find some star reviews on a few products. 
  • It also has a genuine HTTPS connection, which means your credentials are safe with the site.
  • The portal is a blend of individual products mostly related to hygiene purposes, one can visit on above mentioned URL.

Cons of Washingoal com Reviews

  • The website is just three months old and does not have any social media presence.
  • Crucial information like contact number and customer feedbacks about the product is missing. 
  • There is no website review on social media or web space that shows its authentication. 
  • It is not protected by McAfee and does not have any trust score by legit sites. 

Is it a legit site or not? 

This website is a Scam site, as there are a lot of loopholes that indicate the fraud that is taking place on the site. The problem starts with the absence of a contact number and Washingoal com Reviews, making it more trustworthy. Apart from that, the website does not have any social media handles or promotional posts that could help you know about its real intentions. 

There are many fraud sites available in the United States, which are created to earn money in exchange for nothing; thus, it is essential to check to decide before jumping into the buying process. Before taking any decision lets to check what are people’s point of view about washingoal com!! 

What do people say about Washingoal com?

While checking the authentication of any site, the must do the thing is to check its social media handles, and in search of the Washingoal com Reviews, we tried the same, but there are no social media handles of this website. We also scrolled the internet to know about the website review or customer review, but there were no fights that helped in the process. 

This indicates that this website does not have any genuine traffic or is not aware of its existence. Even the official website does not have any space for customer feedback, which indicates that it is not interested in knowing its product’s real reviews or trying to distract us from its potential frauds. 

Final Verdict

We would advise you not to purchase anything from such sites with many loopholes like mentioned above. In search of Washingoal com Reviews, we successfully unfold the site’s hidden drawbacks that could be harmful to our valuable readers. Thus, we conclude that it is not a website that will be good for your requirements. 

We would not advise the readers to visit here & request you to share your experience

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  1. Definitely scam. I placed an order, paid via Paypal. Payment was processed but no contact from the company…no shipping, no notification, not even a confirmation of the order I had placed. Raised a dispute with Paypal as soon as I discovered reviews on sites like this one. Refund was processed the very next day.

      1. I’m having the same issue with them. They refuse to cancel the order and issue a refund even though my order status is still “processing.” I’ve escalated the Paypal dispute so we’ll what happens.

        1. PayPal also refused to refund my order. They informed me they were shipping was late….after Christmas. I asked to cancel my order. They ignored me and sent anyway. They said I could return the order for a refund but the shipping was $71 of an $85 order. PayPal is not helping me very frustrated. They are a total scam

    1. Even though my order was paid through PayPal, they show no record of the transaction. I called my bank this morning to open a dispute. This is a total scam.

  2. Agree. However my experience was a little different, but definitely a scam. I ordered three Christmas ornaments on Facebook. I received non stop emails on its “status” to the point of being weird. Upon further inspection I noticed that there was no specific order number mentioned in the emails. Totally generic and meant to falsely assure the buyer that the order is moving along. Then I received a random black coffee mug with a false Dunkin’ Donuts logo. I realized they sent this to make it appear that my actual order was shipped and received. I have disputed the charge, but it’s these scams that everyone ends up paying for because they cost the banks and credit card so much.

    1. I received that broken ornament mid-Jan and have repeatedly contacted them for a refund or exchange… no dice. I’ve notified the BBB and will try contacting the local authorities closest to the address they give which is a resident according to Google Map and not the office-like building they represented on their crap website. I’m also contacting Facebook as they really should ban these scammers.

  3. Same experience here.Placed the order for 2 ornaments on Facebook and received
    bunch of nonsense emails with “order updates” without any actual updates or purchase/shipping confirmation.
    Filed the claim with PayPal and waiting for the resolution.Next step will be claim with Amex.
    It’s a 100% scam.

  4. same experience as the previous comment. I ordered 3 Christmas ornaments from an ad on Facebook. I’ve gotten plenty of communication, but now there are issues with shipping, and the email I received had incorrect order information relating to a different product that I didn’t order.
    I googled the address listed above, and it looks like a residential complex, ironically about 80 mines from my home.
    We’ll see what arrives, if anything.

  5. my mom ordered from them about a week or so ago. I immediately told her that it didn’t sound legit and she received her money back from PayPal. I’m still getting emails with “updates” It seems extremely shady to me. Disgusting people.

  6. I ordered their Dumpster Fire 2020 Christmas Tree ornaments. The website indicated that they light up. I figured that it would be wired to the tree lights like Hallmark ornaments, but I was wrong. Instead, it contains a battery-powered tea light. Their web site claims that it fits a “CR2032 Button Cell Battery” like your car’s fob, but this simply isn’t the case. I have written to them SIX times trying to get the batter size, but they have yet to respond with an answer.

    These people traffic in cheap Chinese products and their customer service is nil. Buyer Beware.

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