What Happened To Swavy (July 2021) Let Us Find Here!

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What Happened To Swavy (July 2021) Let Us Find Here! >> Read on to know more about the TikTok star, his work, and the tragic news concerning his passing away.

Someone said that tragedy struck when we least expect it. However, nobody anticipates it to be so true. Especially when one morning you wake up to find that a core person from your life will not be part of the rest of your life journey. 

Such an unfortunate incident was bestowed upon friends and family of a young artist Swavy aka Matima Miller, on 5 July 2021 morning in the United States. Hence the article is for all the fans and followers of this TikTok star who are still unsure about What Happened to Swavy

About the TikTok Star 

Before becoming the famous TikTok personality, Swavy was Matima Miller. He was born on 26 December 2002 in Delaware, United States

He started to gain attention via online platforms (prominently via TikTok) with his dance and funny reaction videos. Even though he joined Tiktok recently in 2020, he still had a whopping 2.3 million followers online; this 19-year-old was a talented star in the making. Even his brother is a popular TikToker.

More About His Work 

This 18-year-old artist has many creative and funny works to his credit. Before the unfortunate incident and What Happened to Swavy, the artist adored his followers, who loved to see his career, including his many collaborations with other known people. The majority of his videos were on dance trends and had more than a million views. 

According to the sources, it was also usual for this star to give his fans and followers giveaways. He was also active on other social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, where he interacted with his fans and followers. 

He uploaded his last video on 4th July 2021 on Sunday before his tragic demise. 

What Happened to Swavy

The news was broken to the internet by a fellow social media artist and influencer, Damaury Mikula, whose YouTube handle is Kid Mаury. The family of Swavy or Matima Miller has not said regarding the tragic news (as the incident is very recent).  

However, in a YouTube video, “Rest Up Bro,” uploaded by Damaury Mikula, the 19-year-old star was shot dead, and this is according to details given by the YouTuber in his video.

But it is yet to be confirmed by police authorities about What Happened to Swavy, and people are awaiting the precise details of the incident. 

Current Status 

The incident is currently under investigation, and not many details of the incident is known. As everyone waits for the authorities to give information on the incident, fans and fellow artists express their grief and regret via heartfelt messages and by sharing touching memories of the star online.

Closing Thoughts

The sad demise of Miller came in as a shock to everyone who knew him personally. It was unseen and so sudden that the shock felt by people around him is immense. 

People offline and online are still in the phase of processing What Happened to Swavy and the fact that they will not see their beloved artist and his new creations. 

The loss is enormous and intense for family and friends, and right now, they need the support and prayers of the people to go forward and find justice for their beloved.

Are you a fan of Miller’s work? Kindly share your thoughts about the artist in the comments section below. Also, please read here more about the incident

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