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What Is AOC Net Worth post contains information about the recent Met Gala event held in New York and the controversy surrounding it.

The fashion event at met gala’s new work on 13th September 2021 is getting much attention due to Democrat representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It appears that she has annoyed many conservatives with her message of Tax the rich on her white dress at the event. 

Alexandria is one of the youngest women representatives of the United States, best known for her humble background.

There is a lot of discussion in media about her net worth, so this post will try to find out What Is AOC Net Worth in 2021.

About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

Alexandria is an American social activist best known for her strong views, and social media use it to put her thoughts on different topics. She won the 2018 US congress seat by defeating Republican Anthony Pappas in November of 2018 and became the youngest congresswoman to do so in the history of the United States.

She had good learning of countries bureaucracy during her fight for the estateafter her father’s death. AOC completed her graduation in economics from Boston University in 2011 and worked as a bartender en route to becoming congresswoman.

What Is AOC Net Worth in 2021?

There is a lot of speculation about her Net Worth, and some media reports also declared her a millionaire, which she refuted strongly. Her job as bartender and interim for political figures are not enough for making her a millionaire, and she has completed only two years in the US congress. 

Some facts related to AOC are listed below:

  • She has been in the US Congress for more than two and half years.
  • The annual salary of a congressman is $174,000.
  • Her financial disclosure in 2018 stated $1000- 15000 in checking and brokerage account, respectively.
  • 15000- 50000 dollars is her student debt loan which she is paying currently.

These figures make it hard for terming her as a millionaire, so What Is AOC Net Worth in 2021 is not known precisely. Still, many estimate it to be around $200000, which appears to be relevant as per her moderate financial background.

What are Public reactions to AOC Tax the Rich and white Dress?

The Monday Met Gala event for fashion shows has become a topic of discussion for every segment of people in the country. The ticket to this show cost around $30000, which is meant only for affluent and high earning individuals, and wearing a dress with Tax the rich on it by congress members is a straightforward recipe for controversy.

What Is AOC Net Worth post found, AOC comment on Twitter has more than 100000 tweets for her Tax the rich statement, and each one has its reason for their comment. Conservative is saying it is total hypocrisy by pointing to her costly white dress while others are terming it out-of-the-box creativity.

Final verdict:

The social media has changed the dynamics of many things, and the relation between voter and their representative have also changed a lot with it. The choice of place by AOC to deliver the relevant message cannot be better than this, and What Is AOC Net worth will always remain the topic of discussion among the general public.

People can give their thoughts about AOC messaging in the comment section and write their opinions about the post below. To know more about it,read it here.

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