What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us (March) See!

What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us 2021

What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us (March) See! >> This blog will let you know about the launching time of the most significant update of the top free to play, multiplayer game.

The 2020’s gaming phenomenon- the free-to-play Among Us is about to bring the most significant update ever in this week.

What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us? Fans from various countries like United States, UK, and so on are counting down on the latest Airship Map feature. In December 2020, the game developer Innersloth announced that the upcoming update would be released in March 2021 and that declaration made everyone super excited.

Now, the gaming community wants to know the Time of its release. Let’s discover together-

Among Us Game:

Among Us is the American free-to-play game developed and published by Innersloth. Among Us has become a gaming sensation after surpassing approx. 200 Million downloads and achieving the ‘Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile Game’ award in the ‘Game Award Ceremony 2020.’

As per the authority’s announcement this March, the most significant update will be releasing. When will it be released? Let’s find out-.

What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us?

The release date has already been announced in a press conference. According to the Innersloth declaration, the Airship update will be coming on 31st March 2021. About the estimated time for launching the game update, the developer has stated no particular time yet. The release will be during the working-time at PST.

During the announcement, the developing team explained why it took a long time to launch the update. Innersloth said that the game was cross-platform, so it took a bit of time in development to release on as many devices as possible. Besides, they mentioned that they were needed to handle business requirements as working in an official capacity. 

Regarding the question ‘What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us?’ we can say that a specific time is not disclosed yet.

What are new features will be included in this update?

The new update is going to bring a series of the latest features for Among Us Fandom. It is free to download and play with a more appealing interface. Several brand-new hats and skins have been added, including modern gaming functions. Players can play the game without interruption as there will be fewer advertisements and server problems.

Below is the list of the latest hats collections that will become up-

  • Angry Eyebrow.
  • Heart.
  • Chocolate Ice Cream.
  • Zipper.
  • Ponytail.
  • Rubber Gloves.

People’s response regarding ‘What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us?’:

Fans are eagerly waiting to launch the game. Based on the different time zone, gamers are expected that the Airship update will release at any time after 9 PM in the United States. However, the developer did not forecast the particular Time; hence, players are checking and counting down to play the game.

Wrapping Up:

The Airship update of Among Us is about to release 31st March, at PTS. Fans are super excited about this. The game will be more engaging and fun to play due to the latest layout and several rooms. Besides, varieties of skins and hats have been incorporate.

What Time Is the Airship Coming to among Us? No particular hour has been specified. 

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