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Who Is The Strongest Fanny Player {March} See Full List!

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Who Is the Strongest Fanny Player is the standard query of the Mobile Legends game followers. So, to know further details continue to read this post.

Do you play the Mobile Legends games? Who is your favourite Hero from the game? Are you aware that this game player is from all over the World?

But there is tough competition among players listed to be at the top of the game. So, who is the strongest players from the Philippines? If you do not know the answer to this question, we will guide you. With the helpful information, we provide Who Is the Strongest Fanny Player.

What is the Mobile Legends game about?

Mobile Legends game, also known as MLBB, is an online multiplayer game developed and published by Moonton. The game was officially released on 14 July 2016 on the android platform. Also, the game was released on the iOS platform on 9 November 2016.

The gameplay is so good that it slowly gained popularity all over the World. Each player has customizable characters, and they call them “Heroes.” Each Hero has his or her own set of abilities and qualities. One such Hero is Fanny. So, before we know Who Is the Strongest Fanny Playerlet us first see the story of Fanny.

Who is Fanny-her story?

The basic objective of heroes is defined by six roles such as “Assassin,” “Tank,” “Fighter,” etc. Fanny is the “Assassin” class Hero of the game Mobile Legends who focuses on snatching weak adversaries. Even though she is only a human, Fanny has a desire to fly.

She made herself a steel climbing hook to complete her dream of flying across mountains. People who have witnessed her flying through the skies call her the “Blade of Freedom.” Her capabilities and qualities made her followers know Who Is the Strongest Fanny Player.

Base Statistics, skills, and some information on Fanny:

  • Real Name: Fanny Wertz
  • Price: 24000 499 
  • Release Date: 2016
  • Health: 2526
  • Air Superiority: Damage while flying increases by 15% to 30%.
  • Health Regeneration: 6.6
  • Energy: 100
  • Steel cable: Fanny tosses a cable into the air, which helps her to encounter obstacles.
  • Attack Speed: 0.894
  • Movement Speed: 265
  • Cutthroat: quick attack and dealing 500 points of physical damage.
  • Esports Statistics: Win Rate: 17W: 39L (30.36%)
  • Tornado strike: dealing 260 points of physical damage (+90 per cent total physical attack)

Who Is the Strongest Fanny Player?

Fanny is a challenging hero to master, but she’s a blast to play once you do. Her skills grant her considerable agility and attacking capabilities, allowing her to catch opponents off guard and charge into battle.

But for players, of course, the list is many, and it is difficult to say who is the strongest. Also, the list differs on different stats. KarlTzy is, also known as Karl Gabriel Nepomuceno from the Philippines, ranks in the top. Other players on the list are Ralph Mico Sampangg, David Charles, Ephraim Jueinno, Allan Sancio, and more.


Who Is the Strongest Fanny Player is the popular search these days. However, Fanny is a fantastic snowballer and is one of the most lethal assassins. If you are curious to know more about Fanny, check here. Do you also want to be on the list of top Fanny Players? Tell us in the comment section if you know the strategies to be on the top.

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