Who Owns Field of Dreams Property {Aug 2021} Read Here!

Who Owns Field of Dreams Property 2021

Who Owns Field of Dreams Property {Aug 2021} Read Here! >> This article details everything about a major tourist attraction and baseball site.

Have you an idea what the Field of Dreams is going to be used for now? Are you eager to learn about the new owner of Field Of Dreams and if the new ones will achieve the wishes of the last owner? If yes, let’s find out Who Owns Field of Dreams Property and the future of this field.

Since the field is in Iowa, United States people and the neighbouring country, Canada, are majorly interested in its recent developments.

What is Field of Dreams?

Field of Dreams, bought by Denise Stillman in 2012, is a baseball field and a tourist attraction for pop culture enthusiasts. It was initially built to shoot the movie ‘Field of Dreams, but after Denise Stillman bought it; she wanted it to be a site for Major League Baseball games. However, she passed away on 7th November 2018 and couldn’t make her dream come true. Since then, people have been searching, Where Was Field Of Dreams Filmed, and Field of Dreams going to be used for MLB?

So, we will answer all of these questions in the upcoming sections. Firstly, the good news is the Field of Dreams was finally decided to be used for a Major League Baseball game in August 2020, which was postponed to 12th August 2021 due to covid. Two of the biggest baseball teams, namely the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox, came to play this game where White Sox won with 9 points, whereas the Yankees lost with 8. Even a video game called MLB, The Show ’21 featured The Field of Dreams.

Who Owns Field of Dreams Property?

Universal Pictures first built the Field of Dreams for a movie, after which the Lansing family and Ameskamp family owned it. Next, they started commercialising the space and attracting tourists to the site. Then, Rita Ameskamp sold her family’s portion to the Lansings in August 2007. Finally, Daniel and Mike Stillman, the developers who headed a Go the Distance Baseball LLC, bought the movie site and preserved it ever since. This company still owns and manages the property and Tom Mietzel, Denise’s husband, finally helped her dream come true.

Is Field Of Dreams A True Story?

The producers shot the Field of Dreams in a baseball field built by the film producers and named after it. The area Dubuque County of Iowa, which is situated near Dyersville. People often questioned if the story in the film was true, but a book was released showing how they make-believe place is a tangible and real place that beckons people worldwide. This book even describes the site like it’s Heaven on Earth. Like the film, the story has come to reality now, with the cornfield becoming a hub for MLB and other baseball players.


Our conclusion about Who Owns Field of Dreams Property conveys Field of Dreams is a natural, beautiful and legendary space owned by Go the Distance LLC that has served as an iconic place for movie buffs, tourists, and baseball players and fans. 

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