Who Owns Soldier Field (June) Facts You Need To Know!

Who Owns Soldier Field (June) Facts You Need To Know!

Who Owns Soldier Field (June) Facts You Need To Know! >> The article talks about the famous soccer and football field and the quest to know the real owner.

Are you a football and soccer fan? Do you love watching sports? Then you must be well aware of Soldier Field in the United States that is popular for hosting the National Football League (NFL). 

Popular for being home to Chicago Bears, it was moved to the area in the year 1971. Later, it also became the home field for Chicago Fire FC of Major League Soccer (MLS).

However, the internet and social media have been thronged with questions of Who Owns Soldier Field, to know who is the one owning it. So, we here bring you detailed research on the topic.

A Few Words about Soldier Field

Soldier Field is a popular soccer and football stadium that is located in the United States. It is situated near by the Near South Side of Chicago, Illinois. It is primarily popular for being the home space for the team Chicago Bears from the NFL that moved to the place in the year 1971.

Moreover, before we move ahead to exploring Who Owns Soldier Field, we would like to bring in few facts about the stadium which readers might not be aware of.

Facts about Soldier Field

  • The stadium was first inaugurated on 9 October 1924 during the 53rd anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire.
  • The Chicago Bears, the popular team of Soldier Field, were not the first to start playing in the field. However, they began to play their home games on 19 September 1971.
  • During the game, they defeated the team Pittsburgh Steelers in front of a crowd of 55,071 fans.
  • It is also the oldest stadium of the National Football League (NFL), which has a football capacity of accommodating 61,500 people.

Who Owns Soldier Field?

With the internet and social media forums being thronged with questions about who is the owner of the soldier field, we decided to bring to our reader quick detailed research. As per sources and information we garnered from the internet, the owner of Soldier field is Chicago Park District.

The field was formerly known by the name Municipal Grant Park Stadium from 1924 to 1925, after which it was renamed to Soldier Field.

Furthermore, talking about the field along with exploring Who Owns Soldier Field, many people are confused if Chicago Bears own it. 

However, the field was owned by Chicago Park District from the very time of construction. Besides, even though the Bears team calls the field a home field, it continues to be a property of the Chicago Park District.

Final Conclusion

Internet users have been confused regarding who the real owner of the Soldier Field has been, which led to many forum questions and hashtags surrounding the query about the stadium and regarding Who Owns Soldier Field running on social media. However, it was and continues to remain the property of Chicago Park District, while it is the popular and oldest NFL field in the US. Please know more about the Soldier Field in this link

Have you ever watched any live soccer or football game at Soldier Field? What has been your experience? Please do share with us your views in the comments box below.

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