Why Is Kang Blue {July} Read About This Famous Comic!

Why Is Kang Blue 2021

Why Is Kang Blue {July} Read About This Famous Comic!>> Here in this article, we will read about the conqueror and the reason that why is he blue in color.

Are you a fan of Marvel and DC, then you must have seen or heard about the new series on Loki, which is streaming on Netflix? In the episode finale of Loki, a new villain was introduced- Kang, the conqueror. This article will see who the king is and answer any other questions: Why Is Kang Blue

Viewers from all of the United States and the United Kingdom had been expecting some major reveal on Loki, but they got even more. Read the full article to know more about Kang.

Who is Kang the Conqueror?

Kang is mentioned in the Marvel comics as a villain. In Loki, he is introduced as the time conqueror, and he calls himself ‘he who remains.’ Originally, he was a scientist from the 31st century, and his original name was Nathaniel Richards.

 He is the descendant of Reed Richards and Victor Von Doom. Many questions might pop up in your head related to Kang, like Why Is Kang Blue, etc. But first, let us first understand the origin of Kang. Kang had appeared many times in the timeline, and it would not be easy to combine all appearances of Kang, but let’s see his origin and other significant appearances.

Origin of Kang:

Kangas Richards only had appeared the first time he had found the time travel machine using the power of Doom. He then used the machine to travel back to ancient Egypt, crowned himself as ‘Rama-Tut,’ and ruled over Egypt. 

But his reign did not survive for a long time as the Fantastic Four appeared and ended his rule. Before answering the question, Why Is Kang Blue? Let us have a look at few more appearances of Kang. After getting defeated by the Four, Nathanial traveled far away in a time, where all human civilization had disintegrated. 

That is where the entry of Kang happens. Kang finally conquered his timeline and extended his empire beyond Earth. As he was not satisfied with his empire, he started a game with time with his eventual aim to conquer all history and future. In his attempt to do so, he challenges the Avengers many times. 

Why is Kang Blue?

You must have seen in the marvel comics that Kang is depicted as blue, so it is quite natural for the viewers to wonder whether Kang’s skin is blue or not. No, Kang is not blue. He just wears a blue mask like the black widow wears a black suit. 

In Loki or the upcoming Ant-Man, you will find him as a human. Also, it is clear from the history of Kang that he was a human-only who later conquered the future as Kang.


We hope that this article must have helped you answer your question- Why Is Kang Blue and you must have got the idea about his origin. Kang will make his MCU in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and will be played by Jonathan Majors. Know here more about Kang the conqueror.

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