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Wizards and Dragons NFT {Dec 2021} Game Floor Tokenomics

Gaming Tips Wizards and Dragons NFT

This news is a complete insight towards the collection of non-fungible tokens introduced as artwork in the blockchain store of Wizards and Dragons NFT.

Online games with dragons and besides are popularly known under the kingdom of GP battlefields. Many young users from the United States and the United Kingdom are eager to learn about the hundred percent change strategy of combining many utility forces and difi mechanisms in the game. 

Are you looking for the wizard’s battlefield in the dragon kingdom game’s blockchain process? If yes, read below for more.

Our experts have also mentioned the details of launching and other specifications related to Wizards and Dragons NFT.

About Wizards and Dragons

Thanks to quick and unique explosive dragons and visiting characters, this popular game has grown up in the community worldwide. In 1924, this game was popular forever battlefields and top table culture stories with secret graphic tutorials and history. Popular in the United States, this game was recently launched with one dragon and one wizard and a treasure chest for which the whole game revolves around the sacrifices and minting process. Over games, every processor of system and blockchain works for the transaction in the online minting process in Wizards and Dragons NFT

Along with the games, the users can also connect to the wallet attached to the kingdom’s dragon for using tokens of mines and wizard battle as a strategic combination.

Wizards and Dragons 

Famous by the name of DND publication have attracted various game themes and overviews history of game influence. To connect to the latest public miniature in-dash version, users can join the ethereum website for transactions and follow the link of Twitter and Discord for more group information. Scroll down to know more about this NFT. 

Wizards and Dragons NFT Specification

This game promotes several treasure chest and sacrifice games related to the active and young community in NFT. The genesis of the designs which have brought difference in the Ethdrium token chain. With the official website report, hashtags of signature and user have been mentioned below.

  • Genesis, Tower Guard Mint, and Public Mint on stage 1–15,000.
  • Generation 1, 24,000 GP on stage 15,000–24,000.
  • Generation 2, 36,000 GP on hashtag 24,001–33,000.
  • Generation 3, 48,000 GP on hashtag 3,001–42,000.
  • Generation 4, 60,000 GP on hashtag 42,001–51,000.
  • Generation 5, 72,000 GP on hashtag 51,001–60,000 as per Wizards and Dragons NFT.


  • The floor Price of the last 7 days is calculated to be 0.535 ETH.
  • $2,084.79 13.6% as Market Cap has covered up by 6,794.5 ETH.
  • $26,476,785.95 13.6% is 24h Volume calculated.
  • 570.41 ETH is the highest Sale Price in the game by 12.0 ETH.
  • Owners who have invested in the last 7 days are 62 -47.4%.
  • Total Assets 12,700 – The trading on the floor is done at the cost of Dollar 2084.79 in the NFT list, which calculates to be 12700 invented and 362 unique owners who have invested as a market capital dollar 26476785.96.


Concluding Wizards and Dragons NFT news, our experts’ state that epic battle is one of the most accessible token Etherum new NFT collections, 100% wallet blockchain, also we recommend taking experts’ advice from your end too.

Comment below the shipping and new offers of the game wizard.

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