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Read details about an army unit officer trampling an old lady on his horse. Know about Woman Trampled by Horse in Ottawa.

Freedom Convoy is demanding rollback of COVID-19 vaccine mandates, requiring everyone in country, especially truck drivers who travel across the United States and Canada, to take vaccine. The Freedom Convoy protest started in early January 2022. But did you know that Freedom Convoy included truckers who did not want to take the vaccine? 

Read details of massive criticism about extreme action taken by army men on the Freedom Convoy protesting at Parliament Hill and Woman Trampled by Horse in Ottawa

Observations during the protest:

Freedom Convoy protested by holding a rally on 29th January 2022 at Parliament Hill. On other days since the Freedom Convoy started the protest, truckers enjoyed pancake breakfasts, road hockey games, fireworks displays, bouncy castles, pig roasts, hot tubs and dancing on the roads.

But, Justin Trudeau took the protest seriously when multiple weapons were seized in Alberta, and four men were taken into custody for murder conspiracy of RCMP officers. 

The protesters reported pictures of Confederate flags on vehicles and Swastika flags on trucks. We will discuss Woman Trampled by Horse in Ottawa further below.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance, labour group and trucking companies condemned the protest and stated that it had no connection to trucking.

Invoking Emergency:

Justin Trudeau pointed out the observations made during the protest and stated in the House of Commons that the protesters blocked the economy, democracy and citizens. 

Such incidents made Justin Trudeau invoke the Emergencies Act on 14th February 2022. The Emergencies Act was implemented for the first time in Ottawa and Ontario. 

As a result, on Friday 18th February 2022, the army was sent to Parliament Hill to disperse the protesters.

Woman Trampled by Horse in Ottawa:

Among the protesters, an old lady was using a walker to commute. An army unit officer charged into the crowd on his horse, trampling multiple protesters. Among those was the old lady who got trampled. 

The video of an army unit officer trampling the crowd was posted on social media and Twitter. The pictures of an old lady getting trampled were also viral on the internet and made trending news. 

It was reported in the news that multiple people were injured, and at least two people were trampled, including the old Woman Trampled by Horse in Ottawa.

Parliament Hill incident on social media:

Many Twitter users expressed their sympathy towards the old lady and tagged @JustinTrudeau if he had any concerns? If the old lady was undergoing any surgery? And what was the need for such an extreme step?


Justin Trudeau inquired about the old lady but did not reply to the Twitter posts. He inquired about health of the person who was hit by the rifle and about the person who was arrested at gunpoint. View the Video Footage of Woman Trampled by Horse.

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