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Wordle Geography Game (March) Essential Points To Know!

Gaming Tips Wordle Geography Game

The news below gives us insight into the Wordle Geography Game and the basis of this game, and the number of visitors that the website sees every day.

Wordle took the world by storm after its launch, and people went crazy behind the game. Wordle has found a new home in the New York Times and has offered countless spinoffs starting from guessing some songs or some mathematical equations. 

Another aspect has arrived for the people Worldwide to keep them engrossed in the game as they are asked to guess the world map and questions relating to Geography. The new add-on is gaining popularity each day, and the ones who are not aware can read the article Wordle Geography Game and get complete information about the same.

Why is the news on-trend?

The Worldle was created by Anthony Teuf, a 31-year-old video game developer, but he says that the game is not similar to Wordle and it’s just a tribute to the old game, in which people are asked to guess about the world. 

The users are given six tries to guess the name of the country or territory just by looking at the shape of the outline, like a map. If the players cannot answer the question in the Wordle Geography Game correctly, they are hinted at which direction the country is situated. The game is free and easy to play and does not have ads.

Essential points on the news

  • The creator has asked the people not to consider this game similar or a copy of Wordle but rather consider this as a tribute to the game.
  • People can play the geography game once a day, and the users can share their scores on social media.
  • The green, yellow and black square present in the game represents the frequency of the players getting the correct answer to the question.

People’s viewpoint on Wordle Geography Game

People can enjoy the game just like Wordle, and they do not leave a chance to play it. We can also see players worldwide sharing their scores on the social media handle under the hashtag Worldle. The number of players increased to 10k from 10 people in just a few days, and the numbers are counting. 

The creator is very excited and happy with the love and support that it has received from the launch of the new game and to see people Worldwide enjoying the Wordle Geography GameThe game has also helped build connections with the people we cannot see potentially. More information about the game is mentioned on.


We can say that people are enjoying the game, and they eagerly wait for the next day to play the game and post their scores. The countries in the game are chosen randomly based on the open-source map and with a standardized set of country codes. The game is free, but the creator has asked the people to gift him a coffee if they liked the Wordle Geography Game.

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