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Worpel Wordle {June 2022} The New Gameplay Revealed!

The article describes all the news related to Worpel Wordle and points out the rules to play the game efficiently.

Do you want to try a new and different puzzle game other than the Wordle? Are you in search of a new game? Since the launch of Wordle, many other word games have been launched with almost similar content. People of Australia are very excited to hear about the launch of the new puzzle game, and we will describe every detail of the same in this article. Stay hooked to this post to know more about Worpel Wordle in this post.

Why is the news on-trend?

Worpel is a new kind of online game in the form of a puzzle that has been launched as an alternative to Wordle. The game is based on various AFL Players, and the players of this game have to guess the name of the players according to the hint provided in the game. There are eight ways to solve the puzzle about the AFL players. The new game describes all the new challenges every day, and the players have to guess the name of the players.

Essential points on Worpel Game

  • Worpel game is designed for the players who have a better knowledge of the AFL League.
  • On guessing the players’ names, the colours change and show that if the colour is green, the answer is correct; if the colour is yellow, it represents the team with one or more colours.
  • Players can also take advantage of the Silhouette Mode to help them solve the mystery if they are having trouble.
  • The players discover new mysteries every day in the AFL League, and the game cannot be played more than once.

People’s viewpoint on Worpel Wordle

We have observed that people are enjoying the game to the full extent, and the players of the team who are well aware of the AFL league can play the game easily and in a full-fledged manner. Wordle game is fun and exciting, and similarly, Worpel is also loved by people of all sorts, and they are investing their time in solving the puzzle in the game. The online puzzle game is completely free, and there are no hidden charges. In this article, we have given all the details relating to the game and have described what Worpel AFL refers to. 

Those who want to know the full description of the game can read the complete details here  and find out the all the methods of playing the game.


Worpel is an online game that requires people to play the game according to the AFL rules where the players have to guess the name of the AFL players. The game is very fun and interesting to play, and we suggest people give this game a try once if you are interested in AFL. Have you played the game recently? What are your views on Worpel Wordle? Comment below your views here in the comment section below.

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