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The article discusses the rules and norms for Write for Us Football and shares the guidelines for publishing blogs on Dodbuzz‘s official page. 

Do you like football? In the world phenomenon, football is one of the top sports. It also has a social and economic impact. Many people like to read every piece of football information. 

That is why our podium offers excellent football knowledge. This is the best platform for you if you are passionate about sports and want to contribute to your writing. Know about our Write for Us Football features and its norms. 

What Do You Know About Our Website? 

The name of our website is DodbuzzIt is one of the trusted websites that offer guest blogs on various subjects, website reviews, news on the gaming industry, report on cryptocurrency, technical news and sports. 

Daily, millions of readers and contributors visit our website. Our fundamental strength is our writing subjects and topic. We like to publish issue base and interesting articles on various subjects. We also publish many latest news and blogs on football. For this reason, if you think you can contribute as a football writer, you can use this platform immediately.

Write For Us Football Blog Guest Post– Know about Rules: 

On our official website, you can check some essential guidelines. As a professional content company, we strictly maintain these guidelines.

  1. We welcome contributors who have good knowledge of soccer.
  2. The writer should have all the details about the current worldwide football trends. The writers must know famous football clubs and players.
  3. We also appreciate the writers who know the world’s best football leagues, such as the English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and Spanish La Liga.
  4. For Write For Us + Football Blog, the content contributors should know this particular sport’s current topics and subjects. The writer can choose the topics on the latest rumour, the recent performance of the best clubs in the domestic league. They can also select “interesting facts” on particular teams or players. Writing topics on the strategy of the coaches will be appreciated. 
  5. We also appreciate the nonbiased writings and blogs on football topics. The article should be well researched and complete with statistical information. As a writer, you need to maintain the neutrality of the article in the course of writing Football Blog “Write For Us”-
  6. The writer should maintain specific SEO guidelines while writing for us. The SEO guidelines will help Dodbuzz to gain the best traffic. 
  7. We don’t allow copied content or spinning content. Writers should maintain the originality of their content. 
  8. Writers must follow specific writing patterns such as proper format, headings and font size. 
  9. For the football topic, writers should maintain the word limit. The article’s word limit should be around 800 to 1000 words. 
  10. Dodbuzz maintains 100 per cent plagiarism-free writings. Writers should keep our non-plagiarism rules. 
  11. A spam score of 1 to 3 only is allowed for a must-to-have do-follow link.


Write For Us + “Football Blog will provide an ample amount of benefits to the writers. Kindly note down the advantages of working with us. 

  1. Writing for us will introduce the writers to a large number of readers. Our website has an excellent reputation among the readers and fantastic traffic. 
  2. The contributors will learn more new things while working with us. It will develop their writing skills and technical skills at the same point in time. 
  3. We allow any writers irrespective of their cast, creed, religion, ethnicity and education portfolio. 

Rules Of Submission:

The article contributors should follow specific submission rules while they submit the Write For Us Football Blog to us. It is better to offer the demo article on football. It will adequately help their evaluation. If you want to send the blogs on this exciting topic of football, send it to the email id:

Dodbuzz maintains professional ethics and responds to the contributors within one business day. Please remember, if the content will be on our official website of Dodbuzz, the writer has no right to the article or blogs. The writers have no right to share the published article on Dodbuzz. 

The Final Discussion:

If you want to establish yourself as a writer, Write for Us Football is an excellent opportunity for writers.  We respect the writer’s work and contribution. But we also appreciate it if they maintain our guidelines. 

Please note that the writing material will be subject to editing per the website’s needs. What are you waiting for? If you want to know more on football, check the link. If you find the helpful blog, please comment. 

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