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About General Information Write for Us Light
Dodbuzz has presented all the details that will help writers to know all the guidelines and rules about Write for Us Light guest post.

Do you have experience in content writing? Have you ever got the opportunity to write for a reputable platform? Did you ever write light-related content? If you are interested in creating your career as a successful content writer, we suggest you to follow us now.

Dodbuzz has been looking for contributors who can promote their idea about light in the form of articles, so follow this article to know some guidelines we want our interested writers to know about Write for Us LightNow focus on our article and get all the unknown answers.

Who is Dodbuzz?

Dodbuzz is not only a portal. It has become a trustable portal where viewers get one step solution to their queries. Our motive is to cover varieties of topics. Among them few are as follows:

  • In the article, we mostly focus on trending topics and other updates so that our visitors will know what’s happening around the world.
  • Website review plays an essential role too, and it will help buyers to save their money from a scam website.
  • We also provide some more updates where our readers get the best product description and its pros and cons before purchasing.

Due to our reader’s demand, we have created a new opportunity where interested writers can easily write the “Write For Us Light Blog Guest Post.

Requirements for writing content for Dodbuzz!

Some requirements have also been created for Light content writing, and team Dodbuzz always wants the best quality content. Now read those requirements are as follows:

  • The writer needs to create a title that should not be more than 65 characters.
  • While writing content, we expect writers to check grammatical errors. We expect writers to do proper proofreading before you submit.
  • We expect writers to read lots of articles and do well research about the subject before they write content about Light.
  • • If writers provide a variety of topics, the content must be engaging and unique regarding Write For Us + Light Blog.

Topics that can be implemented in an article:

We have updated a few topics that we want writers to follow while they write content regarding light. Here are some of the topics that have been displayed for the writers.

  1. What is the speed of light?
  2. How long will it take for light to come on earth?
  3. What is the velocity of light?
  4. What are experiments done for light?
  5. The proper definition of light?
  6. Why is LED better than CFL?

Follow this topic, and it will be better for the writers to use these topics as their subheadings. We will allow writers if they find relevant topics about light.

Rules and regulation Dodbuzz offer for Light Blog “”Write For Us””

Dodbuzz has developed a few important rules that writers who will write about light need to know before they start creating content to post on our website. Here are the details of rules and regulations:

  • A guest post must have at least 1000 words. We will not accept article that contains less than 1000 words.
  • Writers can use passive voice. We will not accept content where passive voice uses more than 5 percent.
  • SEO Norms need to be followed by the writers given by our executives. It will help to get a good rank on google.
  • Writers need to know we accept 1 percent keyword density. Try to avoid putting excessive keywords while you write content about light.
  • We do not accept any other plagiarism checker instead of Copyscape premium, so always attach a screenshot.
  • We will not accept any backlinks whose spam score will be more than 3.

These are some of the rules and regulations that we suggest our writers grab while they do Write For Us + “”Light Blog””” now some guidelines that we usually follow while writing different content.

Common protocols for writing content:

Some common protocols that every writer has to follow during the time of writing content:

  • Grammarly score needs to be maintained, and we will never accept a lower score of less than 98. We will suggest writers to send screenshots to us.
  • Readability score matters the most, and they need to keep at least 60.
  • Content would be attractive if the writer provides proper subheadings and some bullet points.
  • Keyword gapping must be maintained, as it will help our team to optimize properly.
  •  We have authority; if your article does not adhere to our guidelines, we can easily remove it from our website.

Final Verdict:

Dodbuzz has recently created new opportunities for writers who can Write for Us Light by following all the rules we discussed in our portal. If you are interested, share some of your sample articles with our team using this EMAIL ID If we find your article attractive, we will reach you within 24 hours.

Meanwhile, if you set up your mind and want to become a successful light guest post writer, then we will be happy to welcome you in our team.

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