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Write for Us on Software, Technology & Website Reviews

If you think you have that enigma to write informative content, then come and join our team of writers. As we continue to rank on top search pages, we learned that any website is defined by the content writers who create qualitative and quantitative write-ups. Well, we are always searching for competent writers who are passionate about improving themselves in the course of operating in the industry.

Our requirement is honest and out-of-the-box reviews on websites, technologies, and software. Do you have the ability to draft a post without grammatical errors swiftly? You can earn a decent sum of money by submitting your posts to us. 

You should note that our experts may take days to publish your content to review and inspect the current SEO guidelines. We accept and post reviews on websites, technology, and software. The writers will be paid for their analysis and write-up after their content is reviewed and approved by our quality analysts. Regardless of your dwelling location, your content will be accepted until and unless it meets our guidelines. 

The benefit of submitting a write-up to us is that hundreds of thousands of people will read your content. You can also share your published post with your friends or family after becoming live on our website. 

What do we look for?

Before starting a write-up, you can browse and analyze our website. You can see that we cover review topics on office, money, travel, garden, home, dining, and other niches. Henceforth, we are looking for writers who can draft well-informative, engaging, and captivating content on the similar niche. To put in easy-to-understand words, we look for:

  • Posts of the latest technologies
  • Product reviews
  • News articles
  • Guest blog posts
  • Website reviews
  • Software reviews

While drafting content, you must understand that it will be a check on strict guideline parameters. Therefore, if you are careless or inattentive while writing a post, you may lose one payment and your credibility. For any inquiries, you can contact our representatives via the contact us form or email address. We also accept suggestions if you have any! You can check the latest statistics of our website here.

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What do we expect?

For a writer, it is essential to know the expectation before delivering the final project. You can look at the guidelines and needed format of a post in the below points:

  • Your content should be grammatical-error-free
  • The content should be unique and original for SEO ranking
  • Heading and sub-headings are essential for readers’ better understanding
  • Bullet points must include relevant details on the pros, cons, features, etc.
  • Passive voice should not be used excessively.
  • The minimum word limit should be 500 words.
  • The post must be engaging, captivating, and, more importantly, informative.
  • Content with repetitive details will be rejected.
  • Harmonious and easy-to-understand language should be used.
  • Readable and appealing content

An Overview:

Now that you understand how we work and pay the writers alongside our expectations, you can start writing for us! You can also share this webpage or information with your friends or family members who are inclined to write. Moreover, we can give a kickstart to freshers owing to their content quality and usable language. You can contact us at advertisement.dodbuzz@gmail.com or fill out the form to get started. Our representatives will soon connect to you!