Are you a writer and looking for a platform to publish your work? If you are a researcher and write blogs, our company will help you share it with the correct audience.

Yes, now our company is open to accepting the guest posts. And with this fantastic opportunity, you have the privilege to publish your guest posts. However, We read all the guest posts that you send it to us, and if they are not as per our guidelines, we immediately send them for improvement.

We are here with a platform for you wherein you can send us your “write for us blog,” and we will publish it on our website. It might take 7-8 working days for us to review your guest post and revert to you. 

If you want us to publish your post early, then you might have to pay for us. Let me tell you that you need to have some skills in you, and your guest post needs to be as per the guidelines, then only we will publish it. We do not pay anyone for the guest posts, but we give full credit to the author.

However, our platform is not for everyone. On our website, we allow only skilled writers. As our website have articles related to write for us software that are read by thousands of audiences, we need skilled writers to contribute to our website. and, thus, if you don’t have any skilled for writing, then please do not apply.

Skills required:

  • Creative writing skills
  • English fluency
  • Grammar knowledge
  • Original thinking
  • A strict follower of guidelines
  • Discipline

How to apply:

If you want us to publish your work, you need to send us an article. Once we receive your write-up, our senior writers and the proofreading team will check it thoroughly, and if the blog is according to the guidelines, we will publish it. If there are any corrections, we will ask you to correct it and send it again.

You get to learn a lot when you write guest posts for us. Yes, your identity gets credibility in society. Once you send us the blog post, we decide where we want to publish it.

Topics on which you can write the blog:

  • It can be a “website reviews” on any site you like, and you can write about how the website works, what it sells, its policies, and customer reviews. This is a short article that checks whether the website is legit or not.  
  • You can also write on “product reviews write for us” that must include the pros and cons of the product and the features and reviews. 
  • You can write an article on “good product review,” which means you have to showcase the positive side of the product and influence. This is a short article that focuses on the product, not on the website selling it. It is a complete breakdown of the product.

Topics of “Write for us” articles:

There are many types of writing for our articles and blogs. They can be for companies dealing in different fields.

  • There is “write for us technology,” which means your article should revolve around the technology company that wants to hire content writers.
  • Next, “blog tech news write for us,” in which you need to write an article for a company that publishes technology news and needs writers. 
  • Next is to “write for us general” kind of blogs.
  • And the last one is to “write for us general” kind of blogs. In this last one, you have the opportunity to “write for us travel”, “write for us health”, and “write for our magazine”.

Guidelines to write Guest Post articles:

  • Add a brief bio of yours in the post. Also, an HD quality image of yours so that the audience can know about the author. 
  • Read the topics carefully and do detailed research before writing anything.
  • The source from where you are collecting data must be authentic and verified.
  • Stick to the word limits given to you that is 1500 words.
  • The content should be original and do not copy from anywhere.
  • If there are any facts, they also do not copy them and convert the points in your language so that the meaning doesn’t change.
  • The grammar should be up to the mark. No grammatical errors should be there in the article.
  • Add a meta description in about 160 words, which summarizes the article. 
  • If you work with us, you must submit your article before the deadline met.

Dos while writing the article:

  • Identify the target audience and then write the article to engage them.
  • Your article should be creative, especially the starting paragraph.
  • The article should have facts and figures based on the research you have done in the past.
  • Divide your content into small paragraphs with sub-headings and use bullet points to highlight the key points.
  • You should write your message in a simple, clear, and compelling way
  • The design of the article should be original, unambiguous, and concise. 
  • The article should be able to connect with the audience.
  • You can only add one link in your post that, too, in the author’s bio section.

Don’t while writing the article:

  • Please do not copy-paste even a single word as it will be plagiarism.
  • Don’t provide any website links that are not legit and authentic.
  • Do not use random and low-quality images.
  • Do not use all the keywords that you will be provided in a single sentence. 
  • Do not mention any third parties source within your article. For example, “according to this Alexa, this website is ranked #232434 among the millions of website”- you can not include Alexa in your article. 
  • If you are writing product reviews, you don’t have to talk about its website.

Submit the Guest post article:

When you write the article, you can send the domain link of your item to us, and then our team will check it and revert to you.

Once you receive your reply, then send us the word file of your article on – Info@dodbuzz(dot)com