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www.Dotservice.Com Scam {May} Scam Site or Legit One

www.Dotservice.Com Scam 2020

www.Dotservice.Com Scam {May} Scam Site or Legit One >> The article consists of eh information, benefits, and cons, return policy about the company name

Dotservice is service for truckers, which includes their medical history, related papers of the truck, and all the required papers that required license and approval required during trucking. The essential requirement in the US for a trucker is they must have a complete document.

In this article, we will cover all the information related to Scam. There are several articles available on the internet, but all are confusing. We will include all the feedbacks and reviews about the and the reality about the confusion.

No trucker can move from one region to another if they don’t have any valid papers to run the heavy motor vehicle. All the documents and approval is a big mess to keep and to provide at every interval of time. Because a regular update and to follow the policy is the essential requirement.

Several DOT biennial services are available in the United State, which allows a truck driver to move freely. Drivers medical status, and the vehicle status upload at a regular time interval is necessary to notify FMCSA. So, it is essential to obtain a DOT number by which the authority can identify the truck and the driver information and about the movements.    

What is is a DOT service website which helps to make you eligible for the DOT number provided by the government officials. The DOT number is an essential part of trucking. It includes the overall survey report about the truck and the driver. 

The report includes the information related to the driver’s health, license, details related to the truck, like insurance, the truck’s condition, and many more. You have to submit the details in the form, and the information must include the company names, locations, phone numbers, license. Then it will be forwarded to the department for approval for getting enrolled for the DOT number.

After getting the DOT number, the truck drivers are free to deliver any services. But a regular update about the vehicle and the driver is necessary. It helps the government to track the records of the number of heavy commercial vehicles running on the roads.

During our research, we found a mixed reaction and mixed reviews that indulge us in verifying is Scam or not, because few truck drivers reported this service as a scam and alleged the that they scam him and charges fine on him without any consult and notification.


Contact Number: 855-368-7233

Benefits of the DOT services

  • Getting enroll for DOT number means various benefits like you will get subsidy on transportation.
  • You will get access to employee assistance programs.
  • You will get child care funds and insurance. 
  • More flexibility on working schedule 
  • Insurance cover of the family for the situation like the sudden death of a driver or disability condition
  • Few customers said that they are happy with the service of

Cons of

  • According to a few customers, the company is doing fraud with the truckers
  • All they want is money, and they don’t consult before charging any fine, although few customers have reported that the company is legit. Due to not having complete knowledge, they are giving unsatisfied reviews about the company.

Return and Refund Policy

  • All the disputes will be settled as per on the agreement approved by the customer at the time of documentation
  • A chargeback will be cover and inform before contact
  • The company does not support any refund or issue any refund on any digital products after it is sold.
  • If you are facing any difficulty, you may contact the customer care number and ask for your query.
  • You have to inform the FMSCA if you have stopped the interstate movements or stop using the vehicle. If in case a person failed to notify the result may cause the deactivation of DOT number and may charge you a fine up to $10,000


In our study, we found several comments and reviews about the website Few of the customers are claiming it as a fraud company because when asking about what they are charging money, their customer assistance failed to answer. They reported that the services are not legit.

On the other hand, few customers support this website and confirm it is a legit one. They said that those who are claiming the as a fraud don’t know about the policy. So, we suggest investing as per guidance.

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