Yankees 16 Patch {May} Read All The Details About It!

Yankees 16 Patch 2021

Yankees 16 Patch {May} Read All The Details About It!>> Read the below article to know about the respect players gave during the match.

Yankees have decided to wear a patch with “16” written on it in game 5. Yankees refer to the people of the United States, Canada. But the real question is why Yankees 16 Patch decided to wear a uniform with patch “16” and that too during a game. Are you wondering the same? If yes, then this article will give you an insight into this topic. Keep on reading the article to know all your answers.

Reason Behind This Decision

Yankees wore 16 on their sleeves to honor Edward Charles Whitey Ford, who died at the age of 91 last October. Ford used to wear no. 16 jersey. So, if the Yankees did honor him.

More About Yankees 16 Patch

Ford played from 1950 to 1967. He dropped two years from the Bronx to serve in the war. During his journey as a player, he used to be the highest scorer and was one of the best players. He was the world series champion six times. 

He was one of the players who used to win the highest number of matches in the Yankee franchise. He also had a 236-106 career record where his total strikeouts were 1956. He spent his entire career with the Yankees. So, to honor him, Yankees decided to wear Yankees 16 Patch. People admire and appreciate him a lot for his hard work, talent, and never-give-up attitude in the field.

More About Ford

During his entire journey, Ford was awarded many times for his great work and amazing playing skills. His winning percentage on the field was calculated as 0.690, which was highest than any other player in history. People who have won more than 150 matches have this many winning percentages. And Ford won 236 times for the Yankees Franchise. 

He was awarded Chy Young Award in 1961 for his commendable performance in the match. Looking at all his achievements and contribution to the Yankees franchise, the Yankees felt honored while wearing the Yankees 16 Patch. This much fame he gained while he was alive. To know more about this topic, visit the below link:

Fans Reactions

Fans loved how Ford’s life and his contribution were admired and honoured by the Yankees. Yankees manager also felt overwhelmed that day. He also said that he feels proud and how emotional he got after seeing all the Yankees on the field after Ford’s death. 

People love what a great pitcher Ford was and how he used to make the Yankee franchise proud. The fans also got emotional remembering him when they saw patch 16 on all the Yankee’s sleeves.

Final Verdict 

This article about Yankees 16 Patch tells you about the great honor all the Yankees showed on the field when they wore 16 patches on their sleeves. It was done to honor the greatest player of all times – Edward Charles Whitney Ford.

 He died last October after a long-term disease. His age was 91 years when he passed away. The Yankees honored him by wearing his jersey number on their sleeves. Did you find this article informative? What are your opinions on this matter? Kindly let us know in the comments section below.

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