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Zevo Insect Spray Reviews [April] Is It Safe To Buy?

Zevo Insect Spray Reviews 2020

Zevo Insect Spray Reviews [April] Is It Safe To Buy? >> If you are sick of insects that have taken refuge in your homes, then you must read this post.

If you are reading this, then you may be frustrated with the little creepy crawlies that sneaks out at night in your washrooms or kitchens. This Zevo Insect Spray Reviews will give you all the pointers necessary to make you aware of the makeup of the product. 

Living the bug-free life is the dream. They infest our kitchens and make life a living hell. Brands promise to help you with this issue but rarely are they effective. They also leave behind a strong odour that always stinks up the area around it. 

So, what is different about this product that is currently selling in the United States. You will find that out as you read further into this post. 

What is Zevo Insect Spray? 

As the name suggests, the spray kills unwanted insects. The brand sells a variety of bug-killing variants such as- 

  • Wasp, hornet and yellow jack spray 
  • Ant, roach and fly spray
  • Fly, gnat and fruit fly spray
  • Ant, roach and spider spray

The brand claims its products are safe and practical at the same time. Its products use essential oils that can target vital nerve receptors of the insects. Apart from this, the Zevo Insect Spray also contains other ingredients that together make a lethal concoction to kill bugs. 

They assure that the ingredients are all-natural and cause no harm to you or your pets. 

How to use this spray? 

The spray is very easy to use. All you must do is follow the steps mentioned below to kill these unwanted bugs. 

Step 1- spot the bug/bugs/colony of bugs and spray directly on to them. The oils and other ingredients attack the insect’s nerve receptors and show quick action. 

Step 2- Now, wipe off the residue and give the spot you sprayed the Zevo spray on a good cleaning. Ensure you wipe off the dead insects and dispose of them as well. 

Step 3- Voila, you are done.

 It is to use and kill insects using the spray! Doesn’t this sound easy?

Specifications and benefits of using Zevo Insect Spray

  • The brand has tried to be transparent customers regarding its ingredients used—it has active ingredients such as cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, geraniol. The inactive ingredients include isopropyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, triethyl citrate, butyl lactate, mineral oil, and vanillin. 
  • The active ingredients used in the spray are naturally derived.
  • Zevo Insect Spray does not cause rust or any damage to the steel. So all your cabinets are safe. 
  • The product is safe, with no artificial colors. 
  • The ingredients when sprayed on the insect attack the insect’s nerve receptors. 
  • They cause no harm to you or your pets. But that does not mean you test that theory. 
  • It effectively kills flies, roaches, wasps, hornets, gnats, fruit flies, ants, and even spiders. 
  • To effectively get rid of insects, you must spray the product directly on the insects! And, voila. You are done. 

Customer Reviews of Zevo Spray

These customer reviews are from the Zevo Insect Spray site as well as

Felice B comments that Zevo is impressive and thanks to it for making it easy to control insects. At the same time, she talks about it being safe to use around her family and pets. 

Kiara K on comments that the product was speedy in getting rid of the insects. She isn’t a fan of the smell the product leaves as its very strong. And that she had to open up a window to finally get rid of the pungent smell. She ends her comment by mentioning that she is “really up in the air with this product.”

Patty M from the United States says that the product is excellent if you have the occasional pest. However, if you have an infestation where more than one bug is present, then the product is ineffective. The product also leaves an oily residue that will require an excellent oil removing cleaner. She also mentions that the smell is horrible. 

Final Verdict- 

Reading the reviews of the product tells us that, for the most part, Zevo Insect Spray is effective. The ingredients are safe and naturally derived, which is good.

To conclude, after reading the above pointers, you can come to a conclusion that suits you best! 

Do share your reviews regarding this spray with other readers like you and us in the comments below. 

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