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Zolucky Reviews (May) First Click & Know About Scam

Zolucky Reviews 2020

Zolucky Reviews (May) First Click & Know About Scam >> In this article, you get to know about an online platform for lifestyle shopping items.

Zolucky Reviews: Are you looking for stylish lifestyle products at a justifiable price? Online platforms are usually used for online shopping as they are convenient, and the goods delivered to you have no hassle of transport or destination. The lifestyle products are the items used for personal needs and personality. 

The lifestyle products are readily available in the online market, but it is tough to judge its value or quality. The products should be of the class, which will last long as these products generally used day-to-day. There is a website named Zolucky, which has different lifestyle items for both women and men. But is Zolucky scam? Or legit? 

What is Zolucky?

It is an online shopping site for stylish and unique lifestyle items for both women and men. The pricing of the product is well justified, and it is an excellent deal to have because of the usual ongoing offers. The website delivers products to various countries like in the United States. The site has different currency options, which is impressive.

The website has different categories to choose from: dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, men section, swimwear, linen cloth, outerwear, plus size. Various designs are available on this site like floral, printed, asymmetrical, polka, solid, color block, denim, cotton bottoms, shorts, shirts, etc. in clothing.

Impressive options to choose from the shoe category like boots, flats, loafers, casual, athletic shoes, platform, and sandals are available. Different accessory items like folding bags, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, headbands, scarves, socks, belts, caps, anklets, key chains, gloves, mufflers, etc. showcased in this site.

Specifications of Zolucky:

  • Website: It sells lifestyle products for all the genders at a reasonable price.
  • The different currency options are USD, CAD, EUR, and AUD.
  • The processing time of the orders is 3-5 days.
  • The shipping time of the orders is 13-25 days.
  • The return policy of the orders is 15 days.
  • The payment mode is PayPal.
  • The customer service is available at
  • To visit the site:

Is Zolucky worth the money?

The Zolucky Reviews say the website is a vast store of designer and stylish lifestyle items at a very cost-effective price. The customer service of this website is also excellent, and the return policy is decent. The product descriptions and multiple options, while buying is advantageous.

The website has products for both the genders, and the products are eye-catching. The site also provided currency options, which will be beneficial for you. It is worth grabbing deals for yourselves and your families by comparing the pricing of the products and the premium quality items. The products will be suitable for everyone.

Positive remarks of Zolucky:

  • The products have the latest designs.
  • The products are of premium quality.
  • The products are very cost-effective because of the pricing.
  • The website usually has an ongoing sale and offers to attract.
  • The return policy is comparatively good.
  • The customer service is excellent.
  • The products mostly have positive and high ratings.
  • The products have diversity.
  • The different currency options will be convenient.

Negative remarks of Zolucky:

  • The delivery of the orders is very late.
  • The website has given enough information about itself.
  • There is no offline mode of payment.
  • The website does not have enough online payment modes.

What are people’s thoughts about the Zolucky?

The website has shown customer reviews, and most of the products are highly rated. The customers have liked the premium quality of the products and also the stylish designs. The pricing of the products is also very justifiable for most of the customers, and the sale season is their favorite.

The customers were not pleased with the very late delivery of the products, and most of them complained about the payment methods. For some customers, currency options were helpful while purchasing. Overall the reviews of people were positive, and the negative ones were very less.

Final Verdict:

Based on the Zolucky Reviews, the website is free any suspicious activities, which makes it legit and nowhere a scam. The customer reviews of this website are also more positive than negative. The website does not share enough information about its whereabouts, which is terrible.

The quality of the items favored by most of the people and pricing was also justifiable. Customer service is excellent, and the people are happy about it. Evaluating everything about this site, we think the site is worth a visit, and it is valuable for everyone irrespective of their age and gender.


  1. It is a royal pain trying to get a refund. Sort of reminds me of Abbot & Costello’s routeen ‘Whose on first…’.

    1. I came to the website after I saw an advertisement for ZoLucky clothing. Some of the clothes are completely identical to some that used to be advertised by Nora Cora. All of the clothing I purchased from Nora Cora was horrible. The clothing in the photos are colorful and appear to be knitted in texture. The actual clothing is a very thick polyester, shiny fabric, plastic-like that can only be compared to that of some Halloween costumes and that is all you could use it for. Your skin can’t breathe in it, but you would definitely not want to wear it anyway, because it is so ugly. Also everything was extremely small. It takes months to receive it because it comes from China. Then you can’t return it because you can’t get it back to them within 15 days and it is too expensive to return due to customs charges or something like that. So you wait forever to get a reply from them, then they offer you something like 10 or 15% of the money paid as a refund. When you dispute that, they offer a little more. The scarf I ordered was so pretty in the photo, also the thick shiny fabric and it would not even go around my neck. The only thing I could wear was a pair of raindeer earrings, which were OK, and a pair of red boots. The boots do not have the trademark shown in the photos, they are made of very flimsy material, but they do fit and I can wear them. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! They keep changing their name. When I wrote the the FCC and BBB, they wanted to know what names the company held. They had an office in California, which I assume is a front. BEWARE, These advertised clothes are not at all like what you receive.

  2. I need to return an item because it is too small but service does not give me any options to do so.

    1. Go to the website of the FCC and file a complaint. If you put the order on credit card, dispute it with them. If you used pay pal, complain to them. This company is horrible. You will drain your energy trying to get your money back and you will never get it all back. You cannot send it back to them without paying a lot to send it back and then if they receive it they probably won’t give you a refund. Nora Cora used to advertise the exact same items as this company and they kept changing their name, probably so they can keep scamming people. Everything is too small it all comes from China.

  3. Shipping charge is nearly as much as the cost of the item( a pair of ladies socks). Therefore I will not complete the purchase

  4. The stuff is garbage. It’s cheap, like kid’s halloween fabric, bad sewing and printed colors. It does’t fit. It smells. It doesn’t look like the photos. There is now way the models actually wear the clothes one buys. I had to throw everything away.


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