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Zoouyee Reviews {July 2021} Is The Site Scam or Genuine?

Zoouyee Reviews 2021

Zoouyee Reviews {July 2021} Is The Site Scam or Genuine? >>  By reading this post, you can quickly check the genuine review of a multi-product online seller and clear all of your doubts.

Are you kind of the person who always wants to fill their house full of stylish furniture or want to set up a Gazebo in the garden or the terrace?

So, we have good news for you that we found one online store which provides all these things at a very affordable price.

Here, we are going to see about Zoouyee and Zoouyee has a global existence all over the United States. They provide many products like stylish chairs, dining tables, recliners, and much more items available.

For more info, let’s find out below the specification part.

Brief of is a furniture store that sells products online in most of the country (like almost). provide a world-class stylish chair, recliner, massage chair, and patio gazebo with unbelievable discount. Most popular products name given below:

  • Gazebo Tent Outdoor
  • Solid Wood Folding Chair 
  • Outdoor Leisure Balcony Sofa
  • Long Reclining Chaise Lounge Set
  • Leather Reclining Massage Chair
  • Recliner

While searching about how they are offering these so many great products, almost every country, whether you live in the United States or South Sudan, claims that they provide service at unbelievable prices, which force us to think twice Is Zoouyee Legit or Scam?

Specification of Zoouyee

  • Purchase stylish furniture at The website has created on May 31, 2021.
  • They are offering almost all stylish furniture which anyone can think of.
  • Email id:- 
  • Phone no:-08219129531828/80023456789
  • Shipping policy  
  • Order processed 1-14 business days.
  • Standard shipping order between 10-20 business days.
  • Return policy:
  • Thirty-day return/refund policy unused and in the same condition you have received is an unrealistic return policy.
  • Social media Presence: There is no social media presence and incomplete information about Zoouyee Reviews over the internet
  • Payment Methods – Debit, Secured PayPal, and Credit card payment modes
  • Address: – Athletica 1818 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver
  • Zoouyee has no feedback or review on their official website.

Positive Aspect

  • You can make an order from anywhere you are and get the order at your doorstep.
  • This website is HTTPS secured.
  • This website provides a vast collection of stylish furniture and Gazebo.
  • Provide you over $50 free shipping and give you an additional discount during checkout.
  • Get 5% extra off with buy two products at a time.
  • Get 10% extra off with buy three products at a time.

Negative Aspect

  • No Zoouyee Reviews available on the internet
  • This website is just one month and three days old, which is too young.
  • TrustScore: It has a very low rank in the form of trust, i.e., only 2% out of 100.
  • Social Presence; There is no social Presence over the internet at all.
  • The owner of this website is unconfirmed.

 Is Zoouyee Legit or Scam?

  • Policy Info: After reading the policy section of this website carefully, so we found the return policy they have mentioned 30 days, but when you check during the payment page, they have mentioned 60 days no-ask return policy, which feels some suspicious about the website.
  • Domain: The domain is just a one-month and three-day-old and provides these abounded discounts, making it dubious.
  • Trust Score: The Trust Score of this website is just 2% which is low, especially for a website that does business across the globe.
  • Reviews: Reviews are not available anywhere over the internet.
  • Policy: The policy conflict with itself.
  • Address: Fake address and unrealistic discount promises.  

Zoouyee Reviews

After discussing its positive and negative aspects, there are many negative aspects compared to the positive aspects.

They provide the latest furniture and recliner at unbelievable prices across the globe, and the website is just a one-month-old, which is hard to believe.

Zoouyee has no online platforms and official website; there are no reviews of listed products.

While surfing, even though the product picture, description, and layout were perfect.

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Final Conclusion

Here, if we conclude, all the essential points like the website is just one month and three days old, and there is no review of listed products and no Zoouyee Reviews over the net.

The Trust Score is much low to trust (2% out of 100%). In addition, the provided address is given wrong, and the provided phone numbers are also wrong: therefore, we don’t recommend it.

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