Hydrafacial vs. Traditional Facial: Which Is Right for You

Hydrafacial vs. Traditional Facial

The rigours of daily life often strip our skin from vital nutrients that make us look fresh and vibrant. Despite the availability of home remedies, it’s always a good idea to pamper yourself with a facial now and then. In this blog, we will break down the two most common types of facial procedures – your traditional facial and the hydrafacial

Key Differences between a Regular Facial and a Hydrafacial

Regular Facial

Offered at your run-of-the-mill beauty salons, a regular facial generally encompasses a deep cleansing, which is then followed by various massages using moisturizing creams and exfoliators. Depending on your skin’s condition, you might also undergo a steam treatment to cleanse your skin of blackheads and other impurities.

Those who want to go a little over the top, any leading aesthetic clinic in Dubai offers personalized facial treatments, too, which help to improve blood flow and circulation, as well as collagen production.

Here are the key benefits of a regular facial:

  • Removes blackheads
  • Rids acne
  • Fills large pores on the skin
  • Addresses wrinkles & dullness
  • Prevents premature aging
  • Makes your skin glow


Hydrafcial on the other hand is a patented skin treatment that consists of three steps to rejuvenate your skin. But isn’t that what a normal facial does, you ask? The difference is, a hydrafacial uses sophisticated methods and serums to nourish your skin down to its deepest layers.

What’s the Process?

As we said earlier, it’s a three-step process. During the first step, a specialist dermatologist or beautician unravels a new layer of skin with gentle cleansing and exfoliation. During the first part of the process, dead skin cells are eliminated by the Activ-4T serum to expose healthy skin, while the glycolic and salicylic acid combination in GlySal provides the advantages of a peel without the need for scaling afterward.

Following the first step, the specialist then proceeds to extract impurities from pores with painless suction and uses advanced moisturizers that quench the skin with antioxidants, peptides, serums and hyaluronic acid.

In the last step, your skin undergoes hydration. Using state-of-the-art apparatus, protective serums are added to your skin to prevent dirt and other pollutants from entering your pores after the process. This is when your face really feels alive and rejuvenated.

The most glaring advantage of opting for a hydrafacial instead of a normal one are the instantaneous and long-term results for your skin. Besides, the treatment is completely medically legal and risk-free.

Benefits of a Hydrafacial

A Gentle and Pleasurable Experience

Contrary to regular facials, a hydrafacial not only promises instant results, it’s also free of any abrasions, while offering a relaxing experience – releasing a high number of dopamine and endorphins (hormones regulating wellbeing) throughout the 30–45-minute procedure.

Hydrates your Skin Deeply

By leveraging cutting edge serums and peptides and antioxidants, a hydrafacial treatment leaves your skin feeling soft, velvety and radiant.

Tightens Skin

A hydrafacial tightens and restores the elasticity of your skin, preventing debris from building up in your pores.

Long-lasting Results

A hydra facial treatment costs more than a conventional facial for good reason. The number one being that the results could last anywhere from 2 to 3 months.

Helps to Heal your Skin

Due to its medical properties, the procedure not only gives your skin a glow but also helps in replenishment of your skin cells.

Little to No Downtime

There’s virtually no downtime after the treatment – meaning that you can carry on with your activities as normal. 

Is the Procedure Safe?

Since it’s a patented procedure that requires a certified professional for its application, hydrafacial should suit most skin types. Having said that, individuals with persistent rashes, sunburns, or rosacea should avoid the treatment since they may exacerbate the condition or trigger recurrence.

Pregnant women should also consult with their gynecologist before signing up for the procedure.

Where to get a Hydrafacial?

In Dubai, there are quite a few boutique aesthetic clinics offering the treatment. A leading aesthetic clinic not only offers the best HydraFacial, but also a host of other appearance enhancing solutions, such as butt fillers, melasma treatments, botox, face lifts, sculptra, cat eyes applications, and more.

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